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Iris is an Italian manufacturer that produces beautiful glazed porcelain stoneware here in the USA.  We stock their French Wood and Travertini Al Contro lines because of the design and quality popularity with our customers. Take a look at the product catalogs to see how great these lines would be for your next project.

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The grainy linear effect draws inspiration from sandy soils and it’s enhanced with shiny mineral speckles, totally brought out in the lappato finish… The softness of details and natural colors of the matter are the pure expression of a timeless elegance. Atelier stands out because of its high performances in terms of strength and durability, without losing its sophisticated beauty.


An artistic approach to rustic blocks of painted woods, the Blocks 5.0 collection provides four colors available in two surfaces and appealing decorative piece with coordinating mosaics and trim pieces.


Inspired by lineal strokes with random directionality, the five colors of the Brush Strokes collection are available in three different sizes with modular mosaics and possible trim pieces.


Carrara Select combines the beauty of mined Carrara marble from Italy with American made, high tech porcelain. Four colors available in two textures and multiple sizes with exquisite mosaics and trims offered.


The Deluxe collection is inspired by nature and offers rare stones in an exquisite color pallet. Nine various full body products are provided in multiple sizes, two textures, beautiful mosaics and trim pieces available.


Urban tranquility meets concrete modernism for the Ecocrete collection. Available in four colors and four sizes with two textures including the unique rigato finish, there are also mosaics and trim pieces offered.


 French Wood collection provides beautiful granulized porcelain wood planks with high durability and low maintenance in three popular hues, available in two plank sizes with corresponding trims offered.


Diversified porcelain wood options with varying natural appearing grains and nodules available for the Legno collection in three popular wood color options, two plank sizes and trims offered.


As vibrant as the rainbow with subtle indentations similar to due drops, Maoilica collection offers a dozen colors of 4”x12” wall tile for various colorful applications.


The beauty of popular natural marbles combined with aesthetic state of the art technology and the durability of high tech porcelain, the Marmi collection provides four colors available in four modular sizes and two finishes. Exquisite various mosaics and trim pieces also offered.


The Matrix collection is inspired by the tranquil hues of seashells found on the coast shore available in five ageless colors, three sizes, two textures, various mosaics and trim options.


The Matrix collection is inspired by the tranquil hues of seashells found on the coast shore available in five ageless colors, three sizes, two textures, various mosaics and trim options.


Porcelainwood is that of timeless wood hues with soft natural scraped appeal and high durability, available in five colors, one size and trims offered..


The fabric look mixed with the grunge graphic style, make Runway the best choose to create contemporary unic environments of the utmost character. A modern style suitable for urban atmospheres with a fancy retro touch. Neutral colors range from the lighter shade Blanc to the darker Tortore, for livings that will leave a lasting impression.


The beauty of timeless lineal travertine from the depths of the
earth, the Travertino Al Contro collection contains three eternal
hues offered in four sizes with mosaics and trim options available.


Glass as inspiration transformed into a collection with an infinity of reflections and nuances, for a colour palette with bold and sought-after hues.