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Iris is an Italian manufacturer that produces beautiful glazed porcelain stoneware here in the USA.  We stock their French Wood and Travertini Al Contro lines because of the design and quality popularity with our customers and we carry a number of their other styles in our Enduring Designs tile program.  Take a look at the collection below.

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As vibrant as the rainbow with subtle indentations similar to due drops, Maoilica collection offers a dozen colors of 4”x12” wall tile for various colorful applications.


The beauty of popular natural marbles combined with aesthetic state of the art technology and the durability of high tech porcelain, the Marmi collection provides four colors available in four modular sizes and two finishes. Exquisite various mosaics and trim pieces also offered.


Glass as inspiration transformed into a collection with an infinity of reflections and nuances, for a colour palette with bold and sought-after hues.