Mir Mosaic


Need a little inspiration for your next residential mosaic project?  Take a look at everything MIR has to offer here.


Need a little inspiration?  Take a look at the pre-finished photo gallery for some ideas of how these floors would look in your home.

MIR Mosaic

MIR Mosaic is a manufacturer of high quality glass, and metal mosaics.  Their products are modern and beautifully designed to create a unique look.  Their passion for innovation and design variety are just a few of the reasons we are proud to offer MIR Mosaic products.

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Mir Mosaic

Whether you are working on a simple bathroom remodel, or a big commercial project, MIR mosaic can deliver some of the finest collection’s of mosaic tiles. Carrying a large variety of porcelain and natural tones in their collection’s Skalini and Alma.



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