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If you’re looking to source a better underfloor heat system for your motor coaches, please take a look at the link below to explore different options.  NuHeat floor heating systems provide a cost-effective heating solution and are simple to install during the manufacturing process.  Take a look at the other benefits of  NuHeat in the link below and let us know which system you want for your motor coach or residential application!


NuHeat manufactures a handful of similar, but different styles of floor heating systems from basic mesh mats, to membrane and wire systems, to custom mats. The custom heat mat option has proven to be very cost effective and reliable for many RV manufacturers.  These products are for installation under tile, granite, marble, stone, laminate and engineered wood flooring to keep you warm.  They can also be in residential bathrooms, kitchens, living areas and entryways.  Take a look at the NuHeat website for more information about these efficient floor heat systems and please reach out to us for wholesale purchasing opportunities.

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